What is iTeraCare Device?

iTeraCare Devices

iTeraCare Therapy Device can be used on all persons including infants. iTeraCare devices strengthens healthy cells, repairs damaged cells and simultaneously liquefies and expelling unhealthy cells. iTeraCare is Certified, Renowned and Patented by China Academy of Science and Sinochem.

The iTeraCare Device is a non-invasive, safe and natural way to help improve your health and wellbeing. It works by stimulating the body’s own natural healing processes to help reduce inflammation, improve circulation and promote relaxation.

The body already knows what to do to heal, you’re just giving it a helping hand.

It clears blockages in blood vessels and detoxifies body. It can penetrate the skin between 20 to 30 mm, thus reaching the bone marrow, micro blood vessels and capillaries. It enhances micro-circulation and eliminates body humidity. Regulates the body temperature and improving the immunity system by activating the weak and inactive cells.

It's a DIY pain relief tool. No professional skill or knowledge is needed. Just blow on an area where one feels uncomfortable.

iTeraCare Therapy Device is specifically used for external therapeutic and physiotherapy treatments.

iTeraCare Devices or Wands contain a unique 3-in-1 lightwave terahertz frequency, quantum and optical quartz technology.

This iTeraCare 3-in-1 Core Technology are;

1. Terahertz Infrared Frequency Technology
2. Quantum Scalar Technology and
3. Optical Quartz Light Technology

According to the quantum model of reality, we could say that all diseases are a lowering of frequency - Dr Joe Dispenza.

iTeraCare activates and optimizes your cell's energy using Terahetz (THZ) Lightwave, Quantum and Optical Quartz Technology.

iTeraCare Classic Device

The World of Quantum Healing

People have known for a long time that the future of healing is quantum based, and that we will eventually have devices that use frequencies to heal everything.

We've already been moving in that direction for many decades, with PEMF, NIR/FIR, blood electrification, etc. showing amazing health benefits. Now we have reached a point where an all-purpose quantum device is affordable for many people and it's called iTeraCare Device.

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