Our Body Cells Are Like Batteries

Our Body Cells Are Like Batteries

I see many questions and comments about specific ailments, diseases, conditions, pain etc - it has inspired to give a simple explanation that I hope will be enlightening and encouraging to all "magic wand" users.

Our cells are where energy is stored - generally, when we are young we have unlimited amounts of energy, we can burn the candle at both ends and recoup / recover quickly. As we age we notice how much longer it takes and sometimes it just doesn't work at all. Let's look at how and why this happens. It's called "life" - everything we do, everywhere we go, we are constantly being bombarded emotionally and physically.

When we were conceived we took onboard family characteristics and predispositions that have influenced us daily. Every jolt and jar, impact injuries from things we call accidents, all traumas, shock, fear, insecurities, relationships and daily life experiences gradually deplete our energy. Over time, that endless amount of energy we used to have lessens as our cells are depleted. Instead of "the cup being full" it gradually gets lower and lower.

Something happens in our cells that makes the outer layer hard. This is what makes us dehydrated, lethargic and feeling "less than". We call it "stress". It comes from home, work, sport, environment - in fact everything you could think of.
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We start taking supplements, seeing practitioners, going to the gym, searching for answers - and spending a fortune on trying to rebuild our energy. Maybe our cell energy is reduced to 80% then as time and trauma take their toll it goes down to 50% - you only have to look at people to see how much they are lacking energy!

Now let's think of a battery. When it's new and full, the torchlight is bright and clear, as we use it, the more we use it, the quicker the light diminishes. When it gets too low we either replace or recharge it - back too 100% - and away we go again.

However, because our cells have become impenetrable the food, supplements and therapies we apply only deal with the remaining energy and we are unable to get our cells "full". If we cut the battery in half, it would not recharge to full again and so our cells are replicating to the level they have gotten down too. Feels hopeless huh!!! What's the use of spending so much money and effort I hear you say when nothing works.

Well, the good news is, we now have this most amazing technology in the form of our "magic wand" that penetrates the cells and recharges them back to full - woohoo!!! As a result of "life" it affects us in different ways. Even though we live in the same environment, consume the same food, experience emotional traumas we end up with different ailments.

We often ask "what causes cancer or what causes Irritable Bowel etc - there are so many contributing factors and combinations - it's impossible to answer.

All I know is, if the cells are full we will be healthy!!! Sickness and pain can't exist in full, healthy cells. Instead of treating symptoms - keep using the wand as often as possible and treat "the whole" - Auriol Hutchins.
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