iTeraCare Products Enhancing Health

iTeraCare Products

iTeraCare Products are enhancing the Health of thousands worldwide.

Is This The Change You've Been Looking For? ​Is Health The New Wealth?

Let us introduce you to the iTeraCare Products that are changing the lives of thousands of people all around the world including ours.

There are 3 iTeraCare wands available, the Pro, the Premium and the Classic.

What Do These Wands Do?

They initialize, activate and exponentialize cellular change and function which allows the cells to heal, producing healthy vibrant cells that may create magic and miracles for your body.

​Using the wand in conjunction with the charged water will invite the cells of your body to a whole new way of being with and for your body.
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iTeraCare Products

iTera Care Products are currently four products available. If you desire to build an iTeraCare business, you may purchase multiple products - talk to your Sponsor about your best strategy. If you are buying for personal use only, please choose whatever you need!

iTera Classic:

The Classic is great for personal use and can be shared with your family. Drinking the charged water is a great clean-up and clean-out for your cells and assists your body to let go of dead cells and activate new cell growth. You can also charge your other food and drinks with it!

Use the wand for alleviating pain, detoxing, clearing blockages, opening up meridian points and deepening your meditation practice.

It's the 'junior' version of the Pro - and still very effective!

iTera Premium:

The intermediate version that is smaller than the classic (ie. great for travel!), more powerful, quieter and has all the benefits listed above for the Classic. Unlike the pro, it still needs to cool down between uses.

You can see in the comparison image on the left all three models, the premium in the middle is smaller, lighter weight and only has 2 fan/heat settings. Great for personal use and if you are running a clinic that wont require constant usage.

iTera Pro:

The Pro does everything the Classic does, faster, quieter and more gently. If you're a wellbeing practitioner or coach desiring to add another element to your work, or another income stream to your business, the Pro is for you!

It doesn't need to cool down like the Classic does and has more power and more settings to choose from. From our experience it also generates profound transformation when used meditatively.

ION Shield Pendant:

This tiny gorgeous pendant creates a negative ion shield around you, ensuring that germs, viruses and other disruptive energies stay away. It's like being bathed in a forest near a waterfall all day!

It promotes blood circulation, improves the respiratory system and neutralises free radicals, helps you sleep well and purifies the air around you. It's anti-viral and anti-bacterial.

You can wear the pendant for up to 9 hours without needing a recharge and it will last up to 10 years.

iTera Bio:

2 Powerful Technologies:

1. Releases 8-1000um precise Terahertz waves compatible with the human body to replenish cellular energy. Deep penetration into the subcutaneous up to 4-5cm, which is safe and harmless.

2. Releases IMHZ Bio-RF Magnetic Energy

- Improves circulation
- Stimulates cellular immunity
- Promotes metabolism
- Removes waste from & Purifies the body
- Clears blockages/toxins, detoxifies intestines
- Burns fat
- Firms skin and Delays ageing

* Pricing: Please note that country pricing applies due to distribution, import duties, taxation and shipping arrangements. Before making payment, check with your Sponsor for the correct pricing for your location.

Are You Ready For Something So Different?

Having body awareness is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. What contribution can these iTeraCare products be for you and your body?

Please contact us for any further information that you may desire.

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