iTeraCare Device Precautions

iTeraCare Device Precautions

iTeraCare devices are very powerful, here are some of the precautions.

Due to different individual physical body structure, some may experience pain on certain areas. This can be because the body is detoxifying itself that can cause head-aches or other temporary side effects. Previous unhealed or untreated pains or symptoms could appear during treatment.

Use your own judgement. Most unwanted symptoms are there because user didn't drink enough charged water before or after treatment. Don't consume cold water and raw meat within 4 hours of the iTeracare therapy treatment. Don't be in the direction of a fan or air conditioner and don't shower for 4 hours after therapy. Doing so can lessen the effect of the treatment.

iTeraCare is not recommended for:

* Pregnant women / menstruating
* acute diseases
* people with congenital heart diseases
* implanted objects
* open wounds and fractures
* not recommended to treat area of fracture or immediately after surgery
* not recommended to treat insulin pumps, electronic devices or metal inside the body
* not to use within 1 week after vaccination
* Device Usage Precautions

Don't block air flow of device, keep the air inlet clean at all times

Don't pull the the cord when unplugging the device and don't shake it vigorously.

Before storing, allow the device to totally cool down. Store in box provided, make sure it cannot be knocked down or dropped (glass crystal tube inside)

These are iTeracare precautions and friendly reminders, use your own judgement and do your research. When you join our team, you'll have access to our support and training files and group guidance to make sure you have everything you need to help yourself and your loved ones. Fill in your info here for access and then come here to see real product users advice about with iTeracare.
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iTeraCare Device Precautions